Onami lake(Onaminoike) is a beautiful crater lake.What is the sad myth behind its name?

Onaminoike(Onami lake)

Onaminoike(Onami lake) is a volcanic lake located in Kagoshima Prefecture. As a volcanic lake that constantly stores water, it is the highest volcanic lake in Japan with a height of 1,241 meters. The word “Onami” means “big wave” in Japanese, but the water surface is quiet. Why was it named Onami lake? There is a myth about it.

Once upon a time, there was a couple. They were childless and prayed to the mountain god every day; then, strangely enough, the wife got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful girl. The couple named the girl “Onami”.The girl grows up to be beautiful and comes of age, and she receives many offers of marriage, but she refuses to accept any man’s offer of marriage; meanwhile, the girl grew tired and became ill.

Late one night, at her request, she and her father came to a lake deep in the mountains. The moment they stood by the lake, the girl’s eyes lit up and she jumped into the lake. The father tried desperately to save her, but she never appeared again.

The daughter was the incarnation of a dragon that lived in the lake. At the couple’s request, she became their daughter for a while. Since then, the lake has been known as the Onami lake.

Excerpt from the Kirishima City website

How was it? When you visit Onami lake it is not only beautiful but also mysterious and a little sad. This is also the reason for the myth above, I think. It’s also a great hiking trail, so why not go out there?

By the way, my big brother has swum in this pond. I couldn’t do it, so I was amazed at his courage, even as a child.